An “expansion pack” for the wii?

A huge flaw that is even more apparent now is that Wii game’s look horrendous on any TV larger than 30″.

People all been asking for an HD wii for a while but I really don’t think it’s Nintendo’s style to simply iterate.

I believe the more likely move is to release something similar to the expansion pack they released for n64 back in the day. It really doesn’t need to do much. A simple upscale is really all it needs to do. As we seen in youtube videos of wii games running on a wii emulator for pc on high resolution, the upscaled assets really look gorgeous. The best looking wii games are all about the art style, not polygon counts so low poly wouldn’t affect the graphics fidelity much.

This theory I made is based off wii motion plus. That started off as a separate add on, but eventually got integrated into the wiimote. That’s probably what would happen if my ‘expansion pack’ theory ever becomes true.

This also follows Nintendo’s current wii plan of pushing new accessories every year or 2.

So yep, nintendo is either gonna go this route or a completely new home console or something else. Nintendo never been really predictable =P

So ya give your theories on what’s Nintendo’s next big thing after 3DS launches =)

Sorry if my grammar is off, pretty tired right now (and kinda drunk).

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The death of Bond video games?


After playing QoS, Bloodstone, and most of new Goldeneye. I can safely say that Activision and/or Daniel Craig are killing Bond games.


First of all, my opinion of best Bond game is no doubt Everything or Nothing. Everything about that game was stellar. It had next gen facial animations (at the time), a solid cover mechanic, an assortment of gadgets which made levels pretty replayable, cleverly implemented slow motion, a full separate co-op story that rivals the length of most sp campaigns of today, and good driving sections (I think it was need for speed engine?).


Not just that, I believe every bond game of last gen besides Rouge Agent, was from good to great. Agent under fire had an ok story, but multiplayer was tons of fun with the simple edition of the grapple. NightFire had pretty good graphics and a fun multiplayer mode that me and my friends still play (mad broken though). From Russia with Love was also really solid.
But when the current gen bond games came out, they lost all of the key elements that differentiate bond games from other shooters.  Here is a large point. Quantum of Solace is universally considered a letdown compared to the stellar Casino Royale. Yet all the modern games all try to mimic QoS from the ‘iron man lite’ UI to the reckless charging Daniel Craig, with a heavy emphasizes on shaky cam.

QoS was a blatant CoD knockoff with a half assed 3rd person cover system. Bloodstone was a generic 3rd person shooter with elements taken from batman and Conviction. Goldeneye is a solid shooter, but most of it felt really linear and cinematic (like another activision franchise) but not really bond.
Here is some other things I noticed about the recent bonds. Only gadgets are cellphones, that have the ability to clone computers in seconds, hack security systems in seconds, etc. Basically the CSI phone.
Another thing, Daniel Craig doesn’t seem to have the function to throw grenades or any explosives at all. What ever happen to the motion sensor mines? Spider mines? Detonator watch?
Finally, this isn’t the fault of activision or the devs, but god’s. I don’t think any time soon can anyone map Craig’s face right. No matter how hard you try, it always ends up looking like a generic thug from a last gen console.
Okie done with my little rant.

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CSI Miami character analysis: Horatio Caine

It looks like a mob hi, Horatio.

Yes, and it’s time to hit back.


During the past decade there has been a few fairly notable leads in tv show. A few off my head, would be like Grissom in CSI, House in House MD, Jack Bauer in 24. Still I believe the biggest tv icon of this decade has to be CSI miami’s Horatio Caine.

Even if you don’t really like him, there is no denying that he is the biggest character in tv this decade. Everything about him is iconic. His noticeable pauses in his speech, how he never faces a witness, his constant need to put on and take off his sunglasses, his perfect aim with a gun etc. There are so many distinctive characteristics that makes him notable even to people that haven’t seen the show.

But the cheesy nature and the absurdity really makes Horatio a wonderful character to watch on a serial show. Unlike most other main leads in crime shows, Horatio is rarely ever boggled down by police politics. He usually does whatever he pleases. I’m not an expert on Miami PD structure, but I don’t think the head of CSI has the power to call in SWAT and whatever at his whim. He also seems to have the most itchy gun finger ever. People say Jack Bauer is too brutal, but you should really be afraid of Horatio. He outright tortures people and has his gun drawn at least once every episode, even when he doesn’t have to. Also do note that when he shoots someone, they tend to die (usually in a hilarious John Woo style twirl).

Another aspect that really helps develop the badassery of Horatio is his rather personal approach to every case. This is odd because it’s common practice to keep your emotions out of police work. But the way Horatio straight talks to the victim really makes you pumped because Horatio always seems to keep his promises. It’s sometimes better to have more character than believability. Horatio is the most primal form of the ideal lawman. One who isn’t binded by the chains of the law, yet does it in a fashion that is loved by the fans instead of jeered by Fox news. This is probably why I also loved Justified.

I was disappointed that they half assed his story because I see Horatio as more as an ideal than an actual human being. But the producers seem to take note of that and there are fewer Horatio story arcs in the more recent series.

All in all, Horatio’s extremely straightforward nature makes him one of the most interesting characters to watch in primetime television. He’s also the main reason why CSI Miami is still one the most popular shows in the world.

He maybe a rather predictable flat character, but his presence as essentially the guardian over Miami makes him a rather satisfying and iconic character to watch.

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iphone game review: Galaxy on Fire 2

People that know me know that I’m a huge fan of the old space sims from Elite all the way until Freelancer. But after Freelancer there hasn’t really been any great accessible space sim that I can recall. That is until this game. If someone told me a few years ago that the revival of space sims will be on my phone, I’d have slapped him. But now it’s true, I really can’t wait for what else these dev’s got coming.

For people that been gaming on java phones pre iphone days, they may have heard of the company Fishlabs. They make really amazing looking java games with full 3d graphics. Now they are porting a lot of them to iphone with completely redone graphics and controls. The graphics are as equally as amazing on iphone comparatively as they were on java phones. They look especially well on a retina display device. Detailed spaceships, vast planets in the backgrounds, really good special effects, and at a really smooth framerate. I heard it also works well on other

note: These pics were taken using the ingame screen capture.

So ya, now your done oozing over these awesome pics, now let’s get into the actual game. If you played any space sims, you have a good picture what ya getting into. There is a pretty light story mode, which is fully voice acted which is pretty rare for an iphone game. The game also advertises over 100 different types of space stations each with a different gorgeously painted planet in the background (which is kinda sad, because I’d love planetary landing, but remember this is essentially just a java game). The main story missions are varied and to the point, but it’s pretty short. Luckily that isn’t the major part of this game. There are tons of side missions and over 30 different spacecrafts with different stats. There are also tons of customizable elements with tons of armors, scanners, shields, etc. Not to mention a mining system and a trading system. This game does not cut corners. Now to get to my issues.

For better or worse, the whole universe is random. There is seemingly no correlation about where you can purchase what items, which makes searching for a specific item really frustrating. This doesn’t bode well for a portable game. Another issue is that space combat just isn’t that deep. With no throttle control and only a limited boost, it makes combat fairly stale and more dependent on your gear vs skill.

But those are fairly small issues in a whole. A really awesome part is that Fishlabs are open to all opinions and are really active on their forums. They recently released their first update for this game and addressed many issues that people had additionally to the usual bug fixes. Just check this out:

What’s New in Version 1.0.2

Universal support for iPad will be added in the next update!

–Major bug fixes:–
Fixed a bug where menu buttons became extremely unresponsive on the iPhone 3G
Fixed a bug where resuming the app resulted in unresponsive buttons and rapid progression through the dialogues
Fixed a bug where using the khador drive during the last mission lead to an infinite loop
Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t get the german version of the game when bought via iTunes
Fixed a bug where bronze and silver medals were not correctly forwarded to OpenFeint and GameCenter

–Additional bug fixes:–
Fixed an issue where you would not be able to fire rockets and missiles one after another. Also, the recharge time was not correctly handled.
Fixed a bug where cargo containers sometimes were not removed when a courier mission was cancelled
Fixed a bug where the tractor beam sometimes kept floating around in space after a crate had vanished
Fixed an issue where it was possible to permanently loot a ship once its emp energy was below half
Fixed a bug where a wingmen dialogue played over a mission debriefing dialogue
Fixed a bug where a false dialogue sound was played when Carla or Thomas reminded you of your task
Fixed a bug where the pirates wouldn’t speak their dialogue when a pirate station was discovered
Fixed a bug where container brackets were displayed at the wrong place after destroying a freighter
Fixed an issue where you were not able to rotate around the ship in Free View mode after leaving the action menu
Fixed a bug where explosion planes were sometimes not correctly aligned to the camera
Fixed a bug where a newly created item was not immediately shown in cargo when tapping the ship tab
Fixed the Night Owl model so it only has two missile pods instead of three
Fixed a bug where music wouldn’t start playing when disabled all sounds before
Slightly increased probability of occurence of energy cells
Fixed some minor cosmetic issues

–New features:–
Added spanish, polish and russian language, more to come with the next update
There now is a button that allows you to fast-forward time if the autopilot is active and there are no enemies in sight
You can now change the language from within the game
You can now listen to your iPod music while playing
You can now skip the Space Lounge camera movement
You can now find Void Crystals on Thynome if you “accidently” sold your Khador Drive after finishing the main story
The level cap was raised to 20

You don’t even need to know this game to see that the devs are dedicated to this game.

So yes. I highly recommend this game for people that a little more than a simple puzzle game on their iphone. It’s currently priced at $7 but you can easily get at minimum 10 hours out of this game if you only do the basic story line. It will rise to $10 when the universal update for ipad support comes out later. So pick this up even you own an ipad =)

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Anime Movie Review: Space Battleship Yamato Revival

Nice view =)

A friend recommended me to watch this movie a week ago knowing that I’m a big fan of all spaceshipy stuff. I was a little skeptical with the fairly large 10gb file (bluray 1080p), but I rather enjoyed this show a while back, so I gave in.

All I can say is wow. This was everything I expected and beyond. This movie has the story telling and structure of the old anime, yet it has all the visuals you expect out of a modern sci fi film.

The plot gets off a little confusing but you get a basic idea fairly soon. In this universe, there are humans all over the universe, each with different tech and culture and it was only recently that Earth realized that other ‘humans’ existed in the universe. The basic premise is that Earth is facing it’s ‘death’ soon and they had to migrate all the humans to some other star system. Of course, this doesn’t work out smoothly and the conveys are getting ambushed. So of course they had to get the old Captain from the TV show and a revamped Yamato (ie: bigass ship that kicked ass in the tv show) to save the day. The plot is fairly predictable and somewhat cheesy, but it feels right.

Oh noes the world is ending! T_T

This journey leads to huge scale wars and even the destruction of a black hole. This movie doesn’t hold back at all. There is even a space submarine that dives through space water to ambush people. This movie is off the hook!

Space water!

My gun is bigger than yours.

The characters are fairly generic and fit their roles ok, but it’s what you expect. This is an action movie. And there is a lot of action. This was back in the days before sci fi in Japan went all mechs. Instead its lines of huge ships loaded with fighters shooting at each other. And damn does it look good. The effects look great and the sense of scale is really nice.

Shit is about to go down!

So yes, if you like a movie with a butt load of action (over half the movie is just fights >.>”) and non pansy main characters. Give this a watch. And the music score is also really good (Think grand orchestra symphony).

Props to ANBU for subbing this. Wait for the 720p version if you must, but this is definitely a movie that you must watch in HD.

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Testing around with iMovie for iphone.

Made this in around 10-15 min from random footage my mom made while me and my bro were playing pingpong. The app seems fairly slick and nice, but there are noticeable limitations in things you can do. Also even though its fairly slick, it still takes way longer to get something simple done compare to Vegas or even windows movie maker. It also chugs after you start adding a lot of clips which is pretty annoying.

Still for $5 its pretty nice and should be enough for most people.

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Oh shizzle pretzel m&m’s

Saw these in a vending mahine on the way to class. They taste kinda like peanut ones but a tad bit more salty. Still ok I guess.

On a side note m&m’s is a pain to type out on an iPhone.

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