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Slight revival of the blog.

Been busy with school, Old Republic, life, but am planning on getting some blog entries about silly stuff soon. While you wait for that, check out my shortform channel if you enjoy video game music, ragtime, tech, and other silly … Continue reading

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Power Rangers Samurai: Pilot impressions.

Power Rangers. A childhood favorite that I watched fairly regularly and occasionally watched in recent years. With all the buzz that Saban is bringing back power rangers in a big way, there is really no reason not to give this … Continue reading

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Quick thoughts on the psp2/NGP.

With all the info about psp2 (or the prototype name ‘NGP’) I feel that the lack of details on important stuff is worth being wary about. – What ever happen to them getting the umd to digital thing down during … Continue reading

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Nitpicks: F2P mmos.

With the holidays, the best (and cheapest) way to spend it is to try out f2p mmo’s =) But with most of them being ported over from Asia markets in a fairly half assed way, I do see some common … Continue reading

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Stacking. GOTY 2011? This might just be the game that sold me on getting a modern home console (wii doesn’t count). The art style is amazing. The whole concept and execution makes this one of my most anticipated games of the next … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 2 Quick thoughts.

With GOTY action happening around the video game industry. I do notice Mass Effect 2 being mentioned quite a bit. Which is strange because I thought it was good, but not stellar. For one, the combat is really solid, but … Continue reading

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Lack of posts…

With finals around the corner. Hard to find time to post here =( Here are some upcoming posts I’m planning to do this december =) – List of my top annoyances of jrpg. – posts about Goldeneye wii, kirby epic … Continue reading

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