Power Rangers Samurai: Pilot impressions.

Power Rangers. A childhood favorite that I watched fairly regularly and occasionally watched in recent years. With all the buzz that Saban is bringing back power rangers in a big way, there is really no reason not to give this franchise a try again, at least for nostalgia sakes =)

So yes, pilot impressions.

As with most of the internet, I found this pilot episode a little odd because it isn’t an ‘origin’ story. But it really doesn’t matter much. Old power rangers lived through being essentially ‘monster of the week’ fun. The characters aren’t really developed but you can have a basic idea how they will behave. This is a kids show after all. Bulk and Skull moment was cheesy and I like how the old sound effects are back.

The sentai footage mixed in well and I kinda dig the new ‘mega armor’.

The metallic style does kinda give off the old Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie vibe (oooze?), but it does work well if you think about it. Megazords fight slow and stuff, so the armor does kinda work nicely.

Overall the episode was solid and definitely gave off the season 1-4 power rangers vibe. I can’t see why people are complaining. The previous season, RPM was arguably one of the better shows in terms of script and acting, but the views were shit.

Power rangers work best cheesy and campy, and this does it well.

Also the ‘go go power rangers’ remix is fairly well done.

So I rate pilot Good =)


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2 Responses to Power Rangers Samurai: Pilot impressions.

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  2. Kallo says:

    Yeah……. only one problem. Can’t have a Bulk and Skull moment without Skull. Should’ve revised before submitting, champ.

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