Quick thoughts on the psp2/NGP.

With all the info about psp2 (or the prototype name ‘NGP’) I feel that the lack of details on important stuff is worth being wary about.

– What ever happen to them getting the umd to digital thing down during psp go? I assume you can re dl psp games you bought digitally, but what about your stack of umds you got laying around?

– Those analog sticks look nice, but they definitely don’t look like things that will last long if you carry your psp around without a case (think those analog sticks on the controllers at gamestop/walmart/ etc).

– Battery life will most definitely be low. Here is a good experiment to try. Play Infinity Blade on your iphone with 3g and gps turned on. You won’t be playing too long. I’m not too sure how efficient with battery life these new chipsets are, but I have a feeling that the battery life will be 3-5 hours maximum during gaming.

That’s about all I can think of right now. Anyone else notice anything that could be ‘worrisome’?

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