Nitpicks: F2P mmos.

With the holidays, the best (and cheapest) way to spend it is to try out f2p mmo’s =)

But with most of them being ported over from Asia markets in a fairly half assed way, I do see some common issues that should be addressed.

More video/audio options: I really don’t care if your game is actually 5+ years old. Give us options for anti aliasing and other basic options. Or at the very least give us widescreen options (maplestory?). WoW can look half decent on my fairly powerful gaming pc and also run smoothly on my integrated graphics notebook. WoW has a huge population. Get the drift?

Limit the amount of quests: I don’t really give a damn about the actual quest dialog unless the writing and content is done well enough to be noticed. The biggest issue I have is when the game simply gives you way too many quests. I rather have a few quests available with substantial rewards and are linked somewhat together than a few dozen quests that individually give squat.

Wordwrap: Sure english is kinda different from korean/chinese/Japanese. But not even able to get wordwrap really shows how much effort the publishers are putting in this game.

Level ceiling: It’s pretty obvious that when you launch an mmo, you will be somewhat short on content and your endgame should be pretty sparse. That’s why you should know where to cap off your level. If you have a large amount of levels with no quests/dungeons/bosses and is purely grind, people will notice and will definitely hurt the image of this game.  And try to spin it in a positive fashion. Make a new character etc.

Skill descriptions: I really do hate games in which the skill descriptions are impossibly vague. When you have to go to message boards and read through spreadsheets and guides to figure out what a curtain skill does, something is not right.

Cash shop woes: I understand people need to eat and stuff, but there should be limits to cash shop.

  • Cash shop should in no way screw up the balance of PvP.
  • Cash shop should NEVER be integral to a vital item/crafting/upgrading system (maplestory cubes…)
  • Cash shop should only be convenience and visual changes.

That kinda is about all a f2p mmo needs to get right to be hated by forum users the least.

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