Mass Effect 2 Quick thoughts.

With GOTY action happening around the video game industry. I do notice Mass Effect 2 being mentioned quite a bit. Which is strange because I thought it was good, but not stellar.

For one, the combat is really solid, but that’s about it. Guns are so much better now, that you really don’t even need to use most of your skills besides different ammo types. This is really apparent on higher level difficulties in which biotics and vanguards charge is pretty much useless. I might just be burned out of all these pop and stop shooters, but I kinda just wished there was more dialogue and less ‘combat sequences’. Having probably less than 10 enemy types the whole game didn’t help.

And I really don’t see why everyone is all up and arms about the story. The side quests were brilliantly done, typical bioware quality. But the main story… what main story? You gather your A team, and storm the enemy base. The end. That’s about the extent of the story. I know it sets up for the presumably amazing Mass Effect 3, but I kinda wish there was more to it in this 20+ hour game.

Mining was a tad bit annoying, but you could easily cheatengine resources if ya play on pc. Other minigames were ok.

I do really love the constant dlc content for this game (bought them all). Most of the characters were also really good.

Maybe I’m just tired of cover based combat…

Would love to see obsidian doing a ME story though. Just let someone else code the game =P

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