An “expansion pack” for the wii?

A huge flaw that is even more apparent now is that Wii game’s look horrendous on any TV larger than 30″.

People all been asking for an HD wii for a while but I really don’t think it’s Nintendo’s style to simply iterate.

I believe the more likely move is to release something similar to the expansion pack they released for n64 back in the day. It really doesn’t need to do much. A simple upscale is really all it needs to do. As we seen in youtube videos of wii games running on a wii emulator for pc on high resolution, the upscaled assets really look gorgeous. The best looking wii games are all about the art style, not polygon counts so low poly wouldn’t affect the graphics fidelity much.

This theory I made is based off wii motion plus. That started off as a separate add on, but eventually got integrated into the wiimote. That’s probably what would happen if my ‘expansion pack’ theory ever becomes true.

This also follows Nintendo’s current wii plan of pushing new accessories every year or 2.

So yep, nintendo is either gonna go this route or a completely new home console or something else. Nintendo never been really predictable =P

So ya give your theories on what’s Nintendo’s next big thing after 3DS launches =)

Sorry if my grammar is off, pretty tired right now (and kinda drunk).

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