The death of Bond video games?


After playing QoS, Bloodstone, and most of new Goldeneye. I can safely say that Activision and/or Daniel Craig are killing Bond games.


First of all, my opinion of best Bond game is no doubt Everything or Nothing. Everything about that game was stellar. It had next gen facial animations (at the time), a solid cover mechanic, an assortment of gadgets which made levels pretty replayable, cleverly implemented slow motion, a full separate co-op story that rivals the length of most sp campaigns of today, and good driving sections (I think it was need for speed engine?).


Not just that, I believe every bond game of last gen besides Rouge Agent, was from good to great. Agent under fire had an ok story, but multiplayer was tons of fun with the simple edition of the grapple. NightFire had pretty good graphics and a fun multiplayer mode that me and my friends still play (mad broken though). From Russia with Love was also really solid.
But when the current gen bond games came out, they lost all of the key elements that differentiate bond games from other shooters.  Here is a large point. Quantum of Solace is universally considered a letdown compared to the stellar Casino Royale. Yet all the modern games all try to mimic QoS from the ‘iron man lite’ UI to the reckless charging Daniel Craig, with a heavy emphasizes on shaky cam.

QoS was a blatant CoD knockoff with a half assed 3rd person cover system. Bloodstone was a generic 3rd person shooter with elements taken from batman and Conviction. Goldeneye is a solid shooter, but most of it felt really linear and cinematic (like another activision franchise) but not really bond.
Here is some other things I noticed about the recent bonds. Only gadgets are cellphones, that have the ability to clone computers in seconds, hack security systems in seconds, etc. Basically the CSI phone.
Another thing, Daniel Craig doesn’t seem to have the function to throw grenades or any explosives at all. What ever happen to the motion sensor mines? Spider mines? Detonator watch?
Finally, this isn’t the fault of activision or the devs, but god’s. I don’t think any time soon can anyone map Craig’s face right. No matter how hard you try, it always ends up looking like a generic thug from a last gen console.
Okie done with my little rant.

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