CSI Miami character analysis: Horatio Caine

It looks like a mob hi, Horatio.

Yes, and it’s time to hit back.


During the past decade there has been a few fairly notable leads in tv show. A few off my head, would be like Grissom in CSI, House in House MD, Jack Bauer in 24. Still I believe the biggest tv icon of this decade has to be CSI miami’s Horatio Caine.

Even if you don’t really like him, there is no denying that he is the biggest character in tv this decade. Everything about him is iconic. His noticeable pauses in his speech, how he never faces a witness, his constant need to put on and take off his sunglasses, his perfect aim with a gun etc. There are so many distinctive characteristics that makes him notable even to people that haven’t seen the show.

But the cheesy nature and the absurdity really makes Horatio a wonderful character to watch on a serial show. Unlike most other main leads in crime shows, Horatio is rarely ever boggled down by police politics. He usually does whatever he pleases. I’m not an expert on Miami PD structure, but I don’t think the head of CSI has the power to call in SWAT and whatever at his whim. He also seems to have the most itchy gun finger ever. People say Jack Bauer is too brutal, but you should really be afraid of Horatio. He outright tortures people and has his gun drawn at least once every episode, even when he doesn’t have to. Also do note that when he shoots someone, they tend to die (usually in a hilarious John Woo style twirl).

Another aspect that really helps develop the badassery of Horatio is his rather personal approach to every case. This is odd because it’s common practice to keep your emotions out of police work. But the way Horatio straight talks to the victim really makes you pumped because Horatio always seems to keep his promises. It’s sometimes better to have more character than believability. Horatio is the most primal form of the ideal lawman. One who isn’t binded by the chains of the law, yet does it in a fashion that is loved by the fans instead of jeered by Fox news. This is probably why I also loved Justified.

I was disappointed that they half assed his story because I see Horatio as more as an ideal than an actual human being. But the producers seem to take note of that and there are fewer Horatio story arcs in the more recent series.

All in all, Horatio’s extremely straightforward nature makes him one of the most interesting characters to watch in primetime television. He’s also the main reason why CSI Miami is still one the most popular shows in the world.

He maybe a rather predictable flat character, but his presence as essentially the guardian over Miami makes him a rather satisfying and iconic character to watch.

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