Anime Movie Review: Space Battleship Yamato Revival

Nice view =)

A friend recommended me to watch this movie a week ago knowing that I’m a big fan of all spaceshipy stuff. I was a little skeptical with the fairly large 10gb file (bluray 1080p), but I rather enjoyed this show a while back, so I gave in.

All I can say is wow. This was everything I expected and beyond. This movie has the story telling and structure of the old anime, yet it has all the visuals you expect out of a modern sci fi film.

The plot gets off a little confusing but you get a basic idea fairly soon. In this universe, there are humans all over the universe, each with different tech and culture and it was only recently that Earth realized that other ‘humans’ existed in the universe. The basic premise is that Earth is facing it’s ‘death’ soon and they had to migrate all the humans to some other star system. Of course, this doesn’t work out smoothly and the conveys are getting ambushed. So of course they had to get the old Captain from the TV show and a revamped Yamato (ie: bigass ship that kicked ass in the tv show) to save the day. The plot is fairly predictable and somewhat cheesy, but it feels right.

Oh noes the world is ending! T_T

This journey leads to huge scale wars and even the destruction of a black hole. This movie doesn’t hold back at all. There is even a space submarine that dives through space water to ambush people. This movie is off the hook!

Space water!

My gun is bigger than yours.

The characters are fairly generic and fit their roles ok, but it’s what you expect. This is an action movie. And there is a lot of action. This was back in the days before sci fi in Japan went all mechs. Instead its lines of huge ships loaded with fighters shooting at each other. And damn does it look good. The effects look great and the sense of scale is really nice.

Shit is about to go down!

So yes, if you like a movie with a butt load of action (over half the movie is just fights >.>”) and non pansy main characters. Give this a watch. And the music score is also really good (Think grand orchestra symphony).

Props to ANBU for subbing this. Wait for the 720p version if you must, but this is definitely a movie that you must watch in HD.

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