Games I’m looking forwards to be playing this year.

Year is almost over but I still got a few games left to look forwards to playing =)

Goldeneye 007 (wii) – This looks promising and the reviews seem pretty decent. Still not really digging Craig in this game. I think his face doesn’t look right in any video game.

James Bond 007: Bloodstone (pc) – This also looks cool. I’m a sucker for cool looking melee moves in 3rd person games.

Donkey Kong Country Returns (wii)– Loved the old games on snes. Loved the metroid prime games (same dev doing this). See no reason why not to love this =)

Kirby’s Epic Yarn (wii)– It’s already out, but I’m really looking forward to playing this during Christmas holidays. It’s so cute!

That’s about it for me for now. Probably a lot of iphone games to look forward to though. Might pick up Black-Ops but I didn’t like Treyarch’s previous CoD besides Zombies mode. Still not digging $60 pricetag for pc games.

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