Game review: Mafia II

Another review I published somewhere a while back. I think I wrote this drunk, so the grammar and paragraph structure is probably way off.


This game is probably one of my favorite games this year. It has tons of great game design choices that’s been missing this generation. There is a lot to love.

First of all, this game is filled with all these little details and stuff that I haven’t noticed since gta 4 in an open world game. The way MC reacts to bullets being shot, the one time use animations (cigarette tossing), the way your coat moves, freaking windshield wipers, and all this with a solid framerate on any average rig (gta 4 -.-“).  This is probably the reason I kept playing even though 80% of the missions is to drive to joe. The world just looks so good =)

Combat is solid, I love how the visual cue of a dead enemy is when they lose their hat and how Vido reacts to bullet fire like Nathan Drake. Do note this game is best played with mouse and keyboard. The aiming isn’t really tuned well with a 360 controller (bad acceleration, almost no auto aiming). The driving is also good enough with keyboard because the way the cars feel.

Missions are also pretty solid. Few games these days in which a large portion of them doesn’t involve shooting. A nice change of pace.

Story is alright. I think it had a little too much homage to old mob movies, but the voice acting and character models are all great. The ending was pretty disappointing though. I can see how they could have made the ending ironic and deep, but the way they scripted it, it just seems like the ‘last mission’ was cut from the retail release =/

Now for the negative parts. It pains me that you can see in the world systems that were probably cut to meet deadlines. Robbing could use more depth, and the cops could use a little more umph ( way too easy to wipe out 4 star cops imo). Even the random gas pump system seems to be missing (you could buy gas, but I’ve run out o0). Good thing is that none of these ‘negatives’ hurt the game.


I guess I’d rather have no buggy systems than buggy systems.

So overall this is a solid adventure game, that you would appreciate more if ya didn’t go into with a mindset that the game is a true open world game.




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