Force Unleashed 2. Biggest disappointment of 2010?

Easily the biggest disappointment of this year I suppose. It took 1 step forward by making lightsaber combat better, but took a dozen steps back by basically getting rid of all the positive things of the first game. The game is super short and the maps are really linear and small which makes the ‘free form’ combat of the first game pretty much button mashing at close range. The cutscenes look great but the story is pretty nonexistence. All the potential of doing a cool narrative about cloning and stuff related to that (ie: season 3 premiere of Clone Wars cartoon) doesn’t exist. The environments look really good, but they aren’t as varied or as vibrant looking as the first, which leads to the biggest issue, this game is a ‘long short game’.

Each level feels really long and dragged out, in which every corner you turned the setup is almost exactly the same as before except the enemies are placed slightly differently. So each level feels way too long, yet the game actually is really short. I finished in around 4-5 hours, which is about 1/4 the length of the first game which took me over 20hrs to do.

So ya, the force stuff is still fun, but there isn’t really anything new gameplay wise. Dismemberment looks cool but it really doesnt’ change anything. QTE’s happen for every ‘big enemy’. And I’ve only used the new ‘force fury’ thing once when the game prompted me to use it.

also, give ya a quick heads up: This game has the worst final boss battle in 2010.

So ya rent this….

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