Anime Review: Kekkaishi

After thinking a bit, I realized I’ve done a fair amount of reviews and stuff around the internet. So it kinda makes sense (in my head) to bring them all here =)

So yep, here is my review of a personal favorite shounen anime: Kekkaishi

I’ve had a long hatred for most ‘Jump type’ manga to anime adaption. Seeing how fun and interesting Jump manga get destroyed by really low quality animation (Naruto, Bleach, Reborn), I had fairly low expectations for this anime. But then I realize Sunrise was doing this and I really enjoyed Code Geass, so I kept my hope up. The quality of this show and how it stayed so true to the manga really surprised me.

Story: 7/10
This anime revolves around a boy, Yoshimori, who’s job is to basically fight off demons that are mysteriously attracted to his school. Of course nothing is how it seems and stuff goes down fairly soon.  It is a pretty common premise, but the characters are interesting enough to keep you watching. A huge plus, is that the anime has almost no fillers, so nothing feels dragged out or rushed.

Characters: 8/10
Yoshimori might just be one of my favorite shounen main characters. For one, he doesn’t look super feminine or super ‘cool’. He’s just an ordinary dude, who really enjoys cooking sweets and sleeping. The interesting aspect is how Yoshimori fights. He basically can create and manipulate different types of rectangular prisms and use them to bludgeon/trap/ etc demons. So a lot of physics based combat, which is pretty different from most other shounen shows, which usually involves swords, martial arts, and/or elemental magic. Let’s just say it would be nice for a Source engine game. The only flaw I see in his character is he still falls under the typical shounen template “Gets stronger during combat, fight to protect etc”.

The rest of the characters are interesting and have unique abilities. Good stuff.  Don’t really want to talk too much about them though.  I’m not writing a wiki entry here =P

Animation: 9/10

Holy crap this show looks really good. I kinda knew what I was getting into after watching the recent Sunrise shows (gundam 00, Code Geass). The characters move really smoothly and animate really well. Unlike most manga to anime adaption, there are few to little ‘colored manga scans’ that cheapens the effect (cough* fma brotherhood). Better yet, is that the quality is fairly consistent with each episode, so there is never any ‘off week’ episode. The good animation plus the unique form of combat I mentioned above really makes fights really fun to watch.

Sounds/Music: 7/10
To be honest, the music is alright at best. Nothing really stands out, but nothing is horrendously bad.  Kinda sad that the show only has 1 opening sequence.

Conclusion: 9/10  (not an average)
Really enjoyed this show, which is fairly rare for manga to anime adaptions for manga I read. If you have any interest in watching a good shounen anime. This is a must watch.

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