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An “expansion pack” for the wii?

A huge flaw that is even more apparent now is that Wii game’s look horrendous on any TV larger than 30″. People all been asking for an HD wii for a while but I really don’t think it’s Nintendo’s style … Continue reading

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The death of Bond video games?

  After playing QoS, Bloodstone, and most of new Goldeneye. I can safely say that Activision and/or Daniel Craig are killing Bond games.   First of all, my opinion of best Bond game is no doubt Everything or Nothing. Everything … Continue reading

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CSI Miami character analysis: Horatio Caine

It looks like a mob hi, Horatio. Yes, and it’s time to hit back. YEEAAAAH During the past decade there has been a few fairly notable leads in tv show. A few off my head, would be like Grissom in … Continue reading

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iphone game review: Galaxy on Fire 2

People that know me know that I’m a huge fan of the old space sims from Elite all the way until Freelancer. But after Freelancer there hasn’t really been any great accessible space sim that I can recall. That is … Continue reading

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Anime Movie Review: Space Battleship Yamato Revival

Nice view =) A friend recommended me to watch this movie a week ago knowing that I’m a big fan of all spaceshipy stuff. I was a little skeptical with the fairly large 10gb file (bluray 1080p), but I rather … Continue reading

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Testing around with iMovie for iphone.

Made this in around 10-15 min from random footage my mom made while me and my bro were playing pingpong. The app seems fairly slick and nice, but there are noticeable limitations in things you can do. Also even though … Continue reading

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Oh shizzle pretzel m&m’s

Saw these in a vending mahine on the way to class. They taste kinda like peanut ones but a tad bit more salty. Still ok I guess. On a side note m&m’s is a pain to type out on an … Continue reading

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